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Romania the New Spain?

Romania Homes

Property investors and those with a nose for a good bet are now viewing Romania as a place to buy and invest in property. An emerging market with property prices from less than £5000.00 it is easy to see why some overseas property investors are set to double their money in less than 5 years.

About Romania

Today’s Romania is an area of beauty with peace and simplicity as its main character. Cities such as Cluj the capital have a population of 330,000. The people are a mix as Romanians, Magyars, Germans and others. This mix is a result of centuries of migration, and colonization. Romanian is spoken with the older generation speaking French. Romania can be counted as one of the main wine producing countries of Europe. It specialises in production of high quality wine. The major vineyards are in Odabesti, Panciu and Nicoresti.

Romania Map

Romania is bordered by Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Black Sea. The Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps divide the country into Wallachia in the south and Transylvania in the north

Buying land in Romania

Land prices are moving dramatically in Romania with many investors set to double their money in two years. You can buy land in locations set in some stunning locations. Land prices for views over the River Danube for example are only £7.00 per square metre.

House prices Romania

Buy a habitable house in a village for less than £10,000. The only way for house prices like these is up!

Reasons to buy property in Romania

The popular UK property show ‘A Place in The Sun’ broadcast on Channel 4 has become very influential to UK property investors. The programme recently compiled the 20 best places to make money. The list was compiled after programme makers commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers to analyse key areas considered for economic growth. These included present property prices, rental income, and potential increase on investment.
Romania was listed as the no.1 place to make money in Europe’s championship league of property locations.

Romania homes investment

o Romania joined EU in 2007

o Excellent rental yields

o Low investment needed

o Professional analysts predict growth

And finally there is no such thing as Dracula!