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Romania – Must See Locations

The most favourite locations in Romania are the following:

-­ Castles and palaces – In Romania we can find very preserved castles and palaces from the Medieval times. The historically significant castles an palaces are Bran, Corvinti, Fagaras and Palace of Peles. The most famous amongst the castles is definitely the Bran Castle which is also known as the Dracula`s Castle. Some historical data prooves this castle was a base for Vlad Tepes, the popular Dracula.

– Monasteries – the Romanian monasteries are well known for the frescoes which were hand painted. The frescoes are hand painted pictures which tells us some biblical stories. They can be located on the walls and the ceilings of the monasteries. The most visited monasteries are Vornet Monastery, Moldovita Monastery, Humor Monastery and many more historical and religious buildings.

– Wine Regions – recently Romania is getting world fame because of the production of high quality wines. The oldest vineyards are dated from the 19th century. In Romania we can locate four major wine production regions: Tarnave Region, Cotnari Region, Murfatlar Region and the Dealu Mare Region.

– Fortified Churches – in the 12th century German Saxons built a large number of building in Romania and they shaped the architecture of the whole country. Their speciality was to fortify the regular churches so they became strongholds. The most famous fortified churches are : Biertan, Viscri, Prejmer, Harman, Hosman, Mosna, Alma, Medias and many more.

– Wooden Churches – in the Maramures Region in Romania we can locate a number of wooden churches. These wooden churches are a famous touristic attraction in this region. The most important wooden churches are : Sighetul Marmatiei Village, Barsana Monastery, Bogdan Veda Church and the Surdesti Church.

Romania is becoming more popular every year. As the part of the European Union further development of the country is expected. The results of the development are noticeable and things will getting better each year. The country of Romania is very beautiful and there are a lot of interesting historical and traditional attractions we can visit. If you are a fan of Medieval architecture and Dracula Romania is the right place for you.